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GibbleGibbet! Nonsense words take over the world!

Grammarians, Wheel of Fortune competitors in a panic.

Audience in a kerfuffle

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The GibbleGibbet virus is on the loose. Riots broke out today at the international Scrabble® championships, as three contestants used words that appeared in the dictionary, but made no sense. The words were 'kerfuffle', 'flabbergasted' and 'glomph'.

Referee Franklin Philton said the violence was sudden and shocking. "It was like a war broke out," said Philton, "One moment we were all happy word nerds. The next, we were in an MMA championship. Last year's champion was impaled on a letter rack. It was horrifying."

President declares state of emergency

Nonsense zombies are now on the loose. The President of the United States has declared an emergency, and asks that all citizens remain 'calm but vigilant'. Also recommends we all go shopping.

Afflicted by the GibbleGibbet virus, sheep are saying web 2.0.

This is a nofollowed link. The rest of this isn't a link at all, by the way. It's just text. The writer had nearly finished this section when he was attacked by 3 nonsense zombies. He managed to disable one with a stapler, but the other two dragged him into the basement. He hasn't been seen since.

Talking squirrels sighted in Central Park

New Yorkers panicked today when talking squirrels were reported in Central Park. Actually, that didn't cause the panic. The fact that what the squirrels were saying made more sense than the average BP exec, however, caused a crowd of 40,000 people to lose their collective minds..

Yo, Kabibble!

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On the other hand, cursing using old Battlestar Galactica phrasing seems to work fairly well. This writer just told someone who used the word 'synergy' three times in one sentence to frak off.


Ignore the nerd behind the curtain.

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